Terms and Conditions

When you contract with OLIVAMAR, you are agreeing the following terms and conditions:

1. Cancellation

In case of cancellation the management company shall be entitled to request payment of management fees that are duly justified.

Except demonstrable force majeure customer, the management company is also entitled to compensation consisting of:

A) 10% of the reserve when such cancellation is made with an advance of more than 30 days fixed for the occupation of the accommodation.

B) 50% when performed with an advance of more than 7 and up to 30 days.

C) 100% if the cancellation is made 7 or less days in advance.

The amount resulting from the above concepts may retain the advance given by the customer.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations have to be notified by email to: xeloalsi@gmail.com and have received a reply by email OLIVAMAR to know that it has been correctly arrival notification.

2. Responsibility

The lessee is the person named on the booking form, so if you book accommodation for other occupants will be jointly liable for compliance with this agreement.

If the tenant intends to accommodate more people than those indicated in the reservation form, you must apply in writing to the management company prior to the commencement of the rental period, and the latter may require the payment of an additional charge.

The tenant agrees to occupy the property in accordance with current standards and leave it in a clean state to the end of the stay. The management company is not liable for damages suffered by the tenant and other occupants, caused by a negligent or improper use of the accommodation, facilities and goods deposited therein

3. Deposit

In case of damage and/or loss of the rented property, it is deducted from the deposit the total amount thereof. If they are higher than the amount paid as deposit, the tenant will be responsible for all of them.

However the damage must be reported immediately to the management company.

The deposit is responsible for the occupation of fact, for a number greater than allowed for housing people, without prejudice to the power of the management company to terminate the contract.

4. Timetable

The right of occupancy by the tenant housing starts, as a rule at 17 hours the first day of stay and ends at 10 hours of completion of the contracted period.

5. Modification or termination

In case of force majeure or circumstances of such a nature that is not considered reasonable to require compliance with the contract, the management company may modify some of the contracted services, replace the rented property by a similar accommodation or even cancel the reservation. In the latter case, it is obliged to return the amounts already paid.

6. Prohibitions.

It is forbidden for the tenant:

-The use of accommodation or spend the night in it, a number higher than indicated in the contract users.

-The assignment of the contract, save or use to third parties.

-Make any activity contrary to coexistence, hygiene and regular public order, or to prevent the normal rest of other users of the property or neighbours.

-All those actions contrary to the diligent use of the accommodation, equipment and facilities that are part of it.

Violation of these prohibitions may constitute grounds for termination of the contract, warning and payment of damages.

7. Claims

In case you find errors or deficiencies in the housing and to avoid inconveniences, you must notify the management company immediately.

If the deficiency is not resolved to your satisfaction, you must submit a written complaint and motivated management company to form, no later than the departure of accommodation.

If you change to another accommodation or leave the rented property in advance without consulting the management company will lose all rights to restitution.