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'La Marjal' natural park

The natural park of La Marjal de Pego-Oliva has a great ecological value and is located on the coast between the provinces of Valencia and Alicante. It covers an area of 1,290 hectares.

Formerly, this park was a pond, which after a filling process has become a wetland. It has a great natural wealth, and excellent quality and quantity of its waters. Has the best preserved of the Spanish underwater vegetation and wetlands, also it has the existence of an underwater and aquatic fauna of great wealth. In the north, run the Bullent (or Vedat) rivers and in the southern part of the Molinell (or Racons) river.

In La Marjal, you can also see rice crops, local varieties and pump range.

The route is suitable for cycling and horse. Duration: 1 h 30 min. Distance: 1.6km from the source of the river Salinar.

La Marjal

'La Font Salada' natural manantial

Those wishing to take bath in a place of quiet alternative to the beach and water, can do so at La Font Salada. Its waters have the peculiarity of being recognized as beneficial for dermatological diseases. They can also swim in both winter and summer because the water temperature maintained throughout the year.

Oliva Old Town

Oliva perfectly preserved old town of medieval flowering period. You can stroll through the ancient Christian town between their churches, stately homes, ancient sites and museums. And climb the old Moorish quarter of the suburb that retains its typical streets.


Oliva gastronomy is typically Mediterranean. Local dishes:

    Pebreres farcides           Gamba amb bleda                 Figatells                    Coques a la calfó