My name Xelo Alcaraz and dedicate myself to the management of tourist rentals. I started in this sector as major projects begin, taking small steps. The first lease that was signed with a family living in Madrid and came to Oliva to spend your vacation month.

Gradually, my clients got to know me and trust me, so soon, this small house which administered was not enough and I saw the need to find new ones.

In this new situation, I soon learned how important it is to select the appropriate housing, always fulfilled with the standards of quality and appropriate price.This task for me is one of the most important, since each house has to have his personal stamp and get home to become the new and new guests, if only for a few days.

Today, I have a wide and diverse supply of housing (houses, apartments, ground floors ...) to meet the personal needs of each client. But also, I still give the same close and trusted the first day, which is what made me grow and remain in this highly competitive market deal.

Finally, I hope that all the information they need to find it on this website and if not so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Xelo Alcaraz

Olivamar located in C/Almirante Roger de Lauria number 50-B Ground Floor. Oliva (Valencia). Registration in the General Registry of Tourism of Valencia, with number: EGVT-279-V.

Contact phone: 675 828 747 and 96 088 82 76


Be the best choice of accommodation for all those who choose to spend their vacation or stay overnight in Oliva and the Marina Alta


Offer our customers the best accommodations that exist in the areas of Oliva and the Marina Alta, meeting their new demands and needs. Give a personalized and close treatment to our customers, anticipate their new needs and demands.

Contribute to the constantly changing and improving tourist area.